SafeTrade Holding S.A. is a Luxembourger S.A.. The founding partners are the following:  François De Witte, Xavier Dierckx, Patrick Eisele and Peter Coomans.

Our Mission

Safe Car Trade aims to develop a platform of services which facilitate the sale of used cars. In a first stage, we have developed the certification of used cars and the secure payment solution. In a next stage, we will develop the financing, the insurance, the transportation and the smart repair. Our wish is to develop a truly international services, enabling the cross-border sale of used cars. Our clients are central, and hence beside the platform, we will put at their disposal a dedicated help desk.

Founding Partners

François De Witte

François De Witte has an extensive experience in the banking area (30 years with ING). In 2013 he has set up his own consultancy activity focusing on treasury & finance and banking. He has also several teaching assignments, is a regular speaker at conferences and publishes regularly on these topics. he has a Master Degree in law and Economics.

Xavier Dierckx

Xavier Dierckx has over 20 years’ experience in selling solutions, amongst others in the telecom sector. He has very good understanding on customers’ needs and his an expert in developing long term relations with them.

Patrick Eisele

Patrick Eisele has close to 20 years experience in treasury and banking. 

Peter Coomans

Peter has an extensive experience in the automotive and transport sector. He took up several international assignments with large automotive companies. Peter has a strong network with the car distributors, for which he has been working on various used car brand programs.